Very often we hear people say that they are born travellers. If you go on the streets and ask people: ‘What is your biggest dream?’ probably the most common answer would be: ‘To travel around the world’.
Personally I have never seemed to understand what being ‘born a traveller‘ means because I have always considered myself to be strongly attached to my home country and to my comfort zone. Or simply put: I was born a non-traveller.
All that being said, this is a story of how a person‘s passion can be responsible for series of major life changes. Now to
provide some more context I am an international student that has done quite some travelling due to studies and work. I am originally Bulgarian, have studied in the Netherlands and Scotland, and have also worked in a fashion company in London. That‘s quite some travelling for a person who
likes to stay at home, right?
Ever since I was young I have been fascinated with the art of fashion: all the beautiful designs and the never-ending changes have been more than an interest for me. And when the time came to choose my degree, the directions where I was heading was more than obvious. As I was interested in the business part of the fashion industry I went for Communications management instead of design and this is how it all begun.
You never know how much you value something until you lose it, right? Well, I never knew I was born a non-traveller until I arrived at the airport in Amsterdam. The first couple of weeks in a foreign country have been a living embodiment of hell for me and there were million times when I doubted all my life choices. Frankly, I was convinced that in order to deserve all that home sickness I must have done something terrible in a previous life and if I had a plane ticked I would have packed my suitcases
and headed back home.
However, there was something in the back of mind that kept me from screaming ‘I want to go home‘: I knew I couldn‘t study the same thing back home and I knew that my heart was beating for having a job connected to the art that had inspired me for so many years. So I forced myself to get used to the situation and the rest is pretty much history.
You know when people say that you can see the magic only if you want to? This is absolutely true. When you come to think of it the whole concept of fashion lies on the principle that everything is bound to change. There is
no such thing as ‘having a comfort zone‘ in fashion. You cease to catch the moment and make the best of it? You fall behind, it‘s as simple as that.
Travelling, as you probably know, is all about changing the scenery and often immersing yourself into completely knew and unknown situations. By having the chance to live in four different countries until now, I know how big of an impact can different cultures have on your personality and thus on your style. Personally experiencing how people in each country think, dress and behave has been a valuable lesson for me and has transformed my sense of fashion. You never know how small your views are until you set off to discover how huge the world out there is and how many inspiring destinations are waiting to be explored by you.
To wrap it all up, I still doubt every single life choice I have ever made when I am heading to the airport. But my love for fashion and art have
turned my non-travelling self into a determined traveller who cannot wait to go to the next country on the list and discover its beauty. And they say that real passion doesn‘t change people…
Here are some memories from my fashion experiences around the world:
Fashion shooting in Scotland with my friend Laura:

Attending Pure London:
Attending London Fashion Week:
To be continued..

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