Working Hard For Your Dreams

The last couple of weeks I find myself thinking about the amount of hard work and dedication it takes to build a successful business from pretty much nothing. Do you imagine how all the big, now international fashion companies started? Probably just a couple of people in a small room, spending their days and nights cutting fabrics and sewing garments. And after countless sleepless nights of hard work they started getting their first clients, media publicity and profit.
For quite some time now I've had the dream of setting up my own company one day. And you know how everything seems very easy when someone else does it? I thought it would be a piece of cake to be an entrepreneur... I mean how hard can it be?
b658f5f86efa249dcfc782049ed315433b1fd26f7d06b09cbe30beb5bec26ef9As I am working for a start up company now I get to see how difficult it actually is to be self-employed and run your own business. The first steps are the hardest when you don't have a big budget, when problems constantly occur (believe me: when you run an e-commenrce business even an hour without internet is a huge problem) and when you constantly need to adapt your plans.
But let's keep the positive tone, this article is meant to be motivational. I've been working for PureNChic for 3 months and now I can say that I've seen so much change and growth for that period. When I started my internship we had less than 400 designers. Nowadays, we are close to having 700 unique brands working with us! We are acutally running out of walls in the office to put images of designers (we put one image for every designer that joins us). It really is very humbling and inspiring to see what effort and strong determination can do to acieve a goal. And that's really a valuable lesson especially for those of us who want to pursue a career in fashion. There are so many companies and such a fierce competition than you never know what is going to happen with your company. In an industry that is so volatile you need to constantly make sure that you are after an unique concept and can deliver the best service.
To prove what I said before I am sharing two pictures of our 'designer wall'. My manager decided that it would be funny to make me fix the images on the wall... what can I say- short person's problems.

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