Travel Diary: Taking Over The Tower Of London

Well you know what they say: sightseeing is only interesting if you do it with good friends. I've been living in London for more than 3 months and up until now didn't really go to see any of the most famous and iconic places. I just find it very boring (and at times scary knowing how bad my orientation skills are) to just wander around the city by myself. Luckily, some of my friends and also former flatmates in Scotland came to visit me in London. That's how I compensated for all the missed opportunities to go around and visit places. The last two days have been absolutely crazy because we went pretty much everywhere... let's just say that my legs haven't done so much walking for months.
Yesterday we visited the Tower of London and managed to see the Crown Jewels, the Traitor's gate and the Torture Room. I must say that everything looks beautiful on pictures but seeing it in reality is absolutely impressive. As we waited in the line to see the Crown Jewels I was completely blown away from the experience: you just go through long corridors with images that describe important parts of history and also screens that project short documentary movies. I was so focused to read everything that my friends had to push me in order to keep walking.
Fortunately, the weather was great for sightseeing, I even ended up going home and changing into a t-shirt. We took many pictures, had a lot of food and even did some shopping (of course, no trip to London will be complete without going through all the fancy shops).
You can see that I am still really into my stripes obsession-stripes just look good with everything. I was also wearing my newest River Island bag, which by the way turned out to be more spacious than I expected. When I bought it I thought that it will be too small to fit everything I need, but I can actually stuff it with pretty much everything. Talk about a great purchase!

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