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Dear all, 
Time goes by so quickly when you are busy. It has 2 months since I first moved to London, but I have the feeling that I've been here for at least one year. Although the fast-paced vibe of the city is not exactly my cup of tea, I'm sure I will miss it once the time comes for me to go.

My whole working experience has been quite crazy as well. I already went through the stage of not knowing how to actually grow up for a month and transform my university wardrobe into a wardrobe that is suitable for a young working woman. Of course, comfort has always been a priority for me, but a put together appearance is also essential. Despite the fact that the dress code in my company is not really formal, I wouldn't feel comfortable showing up in my snickers. 

I also had to replace my old bags and go for something with more structure. As my job is mainly connected to writing, I often have to reach for my notebook and pens. Therefore, I need a bag that can easily be opened and closed. I've noticed that many women prefer tote bags which offer enough space and organisation for documents and personal belongings. However, I dislike the fact that usually those bags don't have any zippers or buttons and you basically walk around with an opened bag.

Recently, I really got into the colour khaki. Similarly to beige, it's a colour that can be easily incorporated into different outfits and is suitable for both hot and cold weather. Personally, I see it as a stylish alternative to grey and black. 

To wrap it up, the last couple of weeks I've been blogging for my company's blog. Make sure to check my articles here. You can also see a picture of the newest addition to my wardrobe: a khaki bag (great for both the office and for going out). I'd be happy to see whether you like it in the comment section below. 

Bag: River Island

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