Why Did I Choose To Study Fashion Management

Dear all, 
Today I want to dedicate my post to a topic I have never discussed in my blog until now: my university studies. Generally I am doing a Bachelor degree in International Communications Management (or simply Communications) in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. However, for those of you who haven't kept up with the last couple of posts, I am currently doing a semester abroad in Aberdeen, Scotland, and the minor I have chosen to follow is Fashion Management. According to my study programme, this minor will be the first out of two specialisations I need to have before graduating. 

When I made up my mind to follow this fashion course, I received many questions and surprised looks from some of my teachers and people around me. To be honest, in the beginning I was also a little bit hesitant whether my decision was correct, because both of my parents have very serious professions, and the fashion industry is often connected only with pretty girls and fancy clothing but nothing else. My biggest concern was that with a specialisation like that, people will not take me seriously, because when there are so many major issues around the world, I have chosen a course connected to clothes and beauty. Moreover, I know other people who have had interested in fashion but decided not to go for such courses, and I believe there are many girls out there with the same concerns. Therefore, I decided to share my thoughts on the matter.

First of all, let's start with the obvious applications of clothing: protection and utility. Hamnity has invented clothing so that we can all protect our bodies from bad weather conditions, climate changes and also prevent injuries. 
Secondly, clothing can be worn because of some kind of modesty, for example societal standards or religious beliefs. Thirdly, people wear different clothing to demonstrate their social status and also to show belonging to a certain group. You belong to a sports club? You have matching clothing/ uniforms that set you apart from the other teams. And finally, we use clothing as an extension of ourselves: to claim group identity or to express how we feel and what we think. Personally, for me those are reasons good enough to win every argument, but there are more. 

We should never forget that fashion has always been part of history,defining what is modern within a particular society. If there is a war, the norms for appropriate clothing change immediately. If there is a financial crisis people tend to change their style as well. And last but not least, here is the question that one of our lecturers asked us during a Fashion Communication class: "How can clothing be unimportant when it allows society to function, for example by identifying judges, police and paramedics?"

To sum it up, here is one of my favourite movie scenes that reflects my opinion on the matter.

As people can be really harsh towards "fashion people" this is a reminder that fashion is a multi billion dollar industry that gives jobs to counteless people around the world.
My advice: do not be afraid to go for what you want, you can be unhappy and unsuccessful with professions that are considered 'normal and serious' as well.
Plus while studying fashion in Aberdeen, I got to do so many exciting things, here are some photos:
  1. Being part of professional photoshoots:

2. Travelling and seeing wonderful places
3. Making designs and expanding my creative skills

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  1. i really enjoyed reading your post, you should do more like this! I got my degree from Aberdeen university, mine was in Psychology (not that I use it now, sob). I took my psychology degree because it was a 'professional' degree which would, in theory, lead to a professional career. I actually wanted to be a writer and started off at university doing an English Literature degree but started to question my decision once I'd heard too many 'oooh, getting published is so difficult' and 'do you have something to fall back on?' In the end, I wished I hadn't changed my degree but at the same time, I can always go back to it later in life if I so choose. Well done for sticking to your guns and taking a degree that means something to you. In that sense, you have no reason to hae to fight your case :)

    1. Dear Kate,
      thank you so much for your comment. It makes me so incredibly happy that you can relate to what I have experienced when makind decisions about my professional life. However, I think that in your case you didn't make a mistake changing your degree. Currently you are a blogger which involves a big deal of writing and you never know where this is going to take you. Secondly, psychology is something that can be applied in every aspect of life, including in fashion.
      Thank you so much for your time and I wish you a great rest of the weekeend! :)


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