Scottish Scavenger Hunt: Tartan Scarves

Dear all,
Ever since I came to Scotland, I have been dreaming to get my hands on one of the those good-looking tartan scarves. Not only are they very warm and cozy, but they can elevate an outfit from plain to chic for seconds. 

I think that there is something really special in collecting pieces from the locations you have visited. When your trip is over, you can always carry the spirit of your journey with your everyday outfit just by wearing the item that was purchased there. Usually, I aim to buy products that were made by local craftsmen, because they really reflect the culture of the particular region, plus something made by the hands of a local producer is harder to duplicate.

However, the scarves I am going to show you today are not made by a local producer, but by one of the best Scottish cashmere and fine wool producers: Johnstons of Elgin. The company takes pride in its rich traditions and high-quality products. In the matter of fact, I am planning to organise a trip for me and some friends of mine to the company's  mill in Elgin, so that we can experience the process of cashmere making. We will be able to see how cashmere is dyed, teased, carded, spun and hand finished by the company's talented craftsmen. Although the trip is planned to take place after the Christmas holidays, I will make sure to share pictures and stories on the blog. 

But back to the scarves. Little did I know when I came to Scotland that each tartan belongs to a specific clan and has its own unique meaning. However, once I found out, I immediately bought a book that explains what each tartan means. 

The scarves I will present to you today belong to the clans Buchanan and Stewart.

The motto of this clan is: Brighter hence the honour. 
The history of the clan dates back to 1016 and it has actually participated in many battles, one of which was when the clan supported Robert the Bruce in his struggle for Scottish independence .
One of the clan's members- George Buchanan, a famous Latin scolar, was tutor to both Mary Queen of Scots and James VI.

Clan motto: Courage grows strong at a wound.
The history of this clan dates back to the 12th century. The royal Stewart tartan was always regarded as the personal tartan of the royal house of Scotland, and is now the royal tartan to Her Majesty The Queen.
The original version of this tartan is red, however, I chose the camel one. 

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you have enjoyed this fashion/history post. I look forward to seeing what you think in the comment section below.

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