Diary Of A Fashion Student: My Designs

Dear all, 
I decided to dedicate this post to the fashion designs I have been making as part of my project at university. This article is actually a sequal of another post (Why Did I Choose To Study Fashion Management) for which I received such a great feedback. Many of you contacted me saying that you have been through the same thing. It makes me incredibly happy that I can connect with people who can relate to  my story, and thank you very much to those who got in touch. 

As I mentioned before I am currently doing a minor in Fashion Management, and as part of my studies I have to participate in the making of a fashion magazine. To make the this possible all of us had to go through an InDesign course in order to be able to make all materials look professional. 

Today I want to share some of my designs which I created for the photoshoot (Photoshoot Article) and for the magazine. Although there is no guarantee that all of them will be published, I just wanted to show you what I am currently up to. 

The first thing is my product page. I am a big fan of the colour blue, especially when it comes to royal blue. I think it looks very elegant and can add glamour to every outfit.

This is my idea of editor's letter. Before I was assigned to do one, I never paid attention to the editor's letters in the magazines. Now, since I know what it takes to come up with an original message for every single issue, those letters are the first things I look for when I get my hands on a magazine. I really like the editor's letters of Anna Wintour and Alexandra Shulman.

The third piece is the moodboard. It is very important when you want to communicate your ideas to other people in your crew: photographers, models, makeup artists and etc.

And the best for the last- this is the article I have written for the fashion magazine. Since this magazine issue will be dedicated to the 50 years anniversary of the Business School, where I am studying, I thought it would be a nice idea to write something that represents the most successful and influential women within the fashion industry. 

I hope you all enjoy my designs. I look forward to seeing what you think in the comment section below. 
In the mean time, for anyone who is interested, I am sharing the previous edition of the university's fashion magazine. Let's hope we can make something as beautiful and interesting as this. 

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