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Dear all, 
Today I want to share with you something different, that hasn't really been done on the blog until now. When people hear the word fashion, usually their first association is with clothing. However, one can be creative and fashionable with interior design as well. Choosing the right items to decorate your house/apartment and making a real, cozy home out of it can be a very challenging project. 

 Modani, a modern furniture store specialising in contemporary and modern furniture, currently has a project for fashion bloggers where they create a moodboard for "the perfect living room" which will reflect their personal style. I was happy to be part of this challenge, as I really enjoy fashion and beauty in all forms. 

I decided to have two main colours in my moodboard, and both of them will be really trendy this season: Marsala and Scuba Blue. In Spring 2015, there is a move toward the cool and softer side of the colour spectrum. Both electric understated brights and nature-like neutrals will be in the centre of designer collections. So why not incorporate those trends in our home decoration?

Here is the moodboard I have prepared:

I look forward to seeing what you think about it in the comment section below. In the mean time you can check Modani's website here or if you are looking for a statement piece you can browse through their modern sofa collection.

Thank you so much for reading! :)

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  1. I really like this fashionable minimalist furniture set! :) gorgeous!


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