Winter Preparations: Faux Fur Lined Parka

Dear all, 
As the winter is slowly approaching I find that a well-organized wardrobe, loaded with warm clothing is essential.  Here in Scotland the weather can be very cold and rainy and can actually change every 15 minutes. I already had an unpleasant experience when my old winter jacket wasn't warm and waterproof enough and couldn't resist the rain, so I had to spend a whole day in university soaking wet and freezing, which, of course, led to me having a cold afterwards. 
Therefore, I had to go and look for another winter jacket, and luckily I found the perfect one: the faux fur lined parka from Matalan.
Generally, I consider winter jackets to be an investment piece because they can last for more than one season. Quality and comfort are of big importance for me because I tend to travel a lot and also when there is a storm outside, my main priority is to get warm and safe from home to my final destination.  ( I know it sounds a little bit dramatic, but if it is freezing outside you really have the feeling that you might not make it untill the end)
So far, I have never been to Matalan, but I really liked it after my first visit. There are many fashionable items on affordable prices, so I recommend that anyone who is looking for good looking clothing  give it a try. 
To go back to my jacket, there are a couple of things I like about it. 
  1. The colour is amazing and it can easily be combined with many things. I avoid buying black/ grey jackets because everyone tends to choose those colours for winter time and it's depressing in a way.
  2. The faux fur lining on the hood is very fluffy and can easily be removed. 
  3. The pockets are big enough and can be closed with a zipper.
  4. The jacket is actually very warm and waterproof. I've already tested it, and I can't think of a better test for a jacket that British weather.
  5. The parka can be buttoned around the neck, so you can actually go out without wearing a scarf. 
Here are some pictures from the official Matalan website.You can see the product here
Thank you veru much for reading. I wish you all a great day.

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  1. I need to seriously get into town and stock up on winter warmers! The temperature here in Edinburgh has plummeted and I don't have enough jumpers to see me through winter (layering, I must start to layer!). The coat looks so comfortable and cozy and warm ^.^


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