Behind The Scenes: Photoshoot For RGU's Fashion Magazine

Dear all,
As I mentioned a couple of posts ago, I am currently doing a Fashion Management minor in Robert Gordon University (RGU), Scotland. I have always had an affinity for fashion and work within this industry. When I saw I have the chance to attend this course during my study abroad semester, it did not take me much time to make up my mind and go for it.

As part of the project for one of my subjects- Fashion Communication, we had to do a photoshoot, which is later going to be published in the university's fashion magazine. It goes without saying that I was very excited to start doing it. Furthermore, I was very fortunate to have an amazing team who handled everything in a really professional way and made this project fun and pleasant to do.

I also think that this is the time for me to express my gratitude to the shooting location: Mar Lodge Estate. They were very kind and helpful , and our photoshoot would not be that good without their assistance. From the first day I got in touch with them, they have been really enthusiastic and welcomed us in a great way, that we definitely did not expect. So a big thank you for that!

Secondly, I want to say thank you to our photographer Andrew for the great job, my close friend Irina who took over the role of hairstylist, and my team mate Laura who was not only an amazing model, but also a fun working buddy.And, last but not least, I had to do the makeup, although I have never done makeup for something like that. However, I think it turned out very well and I must say I am proud of myself :D

The concept of our photoshoot was 50/50: depicting both sides of a woman's personality: a dark and a more innocent one. Laura and I were inspired by various criminal TV series that have one character which manages to appeal elegant and dark at the same time. We thought that there is a hidden dark side in the biggest hero , and also a spark of elegance and goodness even in the biggest criminal mind. In fact, an article about the new Hannibal series got us thinking about this topic. It is said that the look of the dark character is linked to the look of the Duke of Windsor.

Finally, I must say that I really liked the whole process of organizing photoshoots and would be happy to do is a job. It takes some preparation, but the seeing the end results is always worth it! It all begins by having a vague concept that you have no idea how to realise. Very often you go through short (or maybe not that short) phases of desperation when you have the feeling that nothing will work out in the way you want it to.

After this you start getting new ideas, you meet people, make arrangements and look for ways to be both practical and yet not limit your creativity. When everything is arranged, you are left with the excitement for the start of the photoshoot. The night before our actual shooting day, I could not sleep because I kept checking over and over again whether I have forgotten something. 

And when the actual day comes, time flies very fast because you are constantly busy with making sure everything goes according to plan. After everything is over, you just keep going over and over again through the photos, enjoying the results. Truly and amazing experience!

Here are some behind the scenes images for you to take a glimpse of our work.

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