Travel Diary 2: Visit to Stonehaven, Scotland

Dear all, 
In today's post I want to share with you pictures from my second trip in Scotland. Me and some of my friends decided to visit Stonehaven, which is located close to Aberdeen, and dedicate the whole day to sightseeing and appreciation of nature.

When it comes to travelling and walking a lot, I always go for comfortable outfits. Especially if you go to rocky locations, you would definitely need shoes "that were made for walking". Since visitng Stonehaven and the Dunnottar Castle involves climbing and tiny paths, I decided to trust my Adidas sneakers. What is also preferable is that the sole of the shoes will prevent you from slipping.
 Part of hiking involves going through big fields and locations where there is nothing to keep you from the wind, a warm, wind-proof jacket is a necessity. I always prefer my jackets to have a hood because it is a good replacement of a hat.

Finally, the last items that is needed to complete a travelling outfit is a big bag that can fit all the things you need to carry. The best options are a backpack or a bag with a shoulder strap.

As for the trip, I must say that I saw so much beauty and enjoyed so many precious moments  which I will remember for a long time. After we arrived in Stonehaven, we had lunch in a local cafeteria, took a look around the small harbour and then headed to the Dunnottar castle. We were actually very lucky, because the weather was really nice, which made the trip even more pleasant.
The funnies thing was that everyoune would stop every five minutes to take pictures. With every step you take, you discover something so beautiful that you just want to take a picture of it.
At one point the battery of my camera died, so I couldn't make photos of the Dunnotar castle, but you can see the ones on our way to there.
I hope that you will enjoy the pictures, and I look forward to seeing what you think of them in the comment section below. 
I wish you all a great start of the new week!

I am planning to make some personalised jewelry from the seashells I found. I am thinking for a delicate golden chain that has a small shell from the beaches of Stonehaven. This would be a fashionable way to savor my memories.

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  1. Beautiful photos Stonehaven is a favourite place of mine!
    Megan x

  2. How lovely! Gorgeous shots & safe travels. (:

    ♥ | | xoxo

  3. Wow pretty! Try to visit they have nice dresses and accessories too!


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