Dresses: The Secret to Femininity

Before a couple of days I had the wonderful opportunity to work with an Argentinian designer and try a couple of dresses that are very different from the things I'd usually wear. When it comes to looking feminine, there is no better choice a woman can make than wearing a dress. That's a fromula that has been tested over the time, and has proved that a girl in a dress never leaves unnoticed. 
I tried three different dresses and managed to pick a favourite one (I was just spinning and sliding around the apartment with the dress).
The first model was a white lace dress, that really reminded me of the dresses that women wore 50 or 60 years ago. When it comes to lace, I am a huge fan because I think it looks very attractive and easily catches the attention. Actually, the best part of that dress was the back side which was slightly shorter than the front (it's all about proportions) and had an extra piece of fabric that added perfectly to the overall appearance.

The second dress has an interesting colourful combination: pink and blue. Again it had lace which made it look elegant and formal. 
And finally, the last dress. To be honest, it is not really close to my personal style, but I believe that fashion is all about experimenting and trying new things that do not belong to your comfort zone. Plus, every piece of clothing has its own occasion and time. I really liked the golden embrodery that was like a painting on the upper part of the dress.
 Finally, I hope you liked the dresses. I'd love to see what you think in the comment section below. 
You can see the creations of the designer Norma Denrykur on her website.

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  1. loved the first dress!



  2. Love that first look! So simple and chic! xx Alex Ramblesandrose.blogspot.com


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