Golden Edges

Today's post is about one of my most favourite combinations made out of beloved items.
The dress you have seen in previous posts, but this time I wanted to make it look even more chic and feminine by adding the animal print heels and golden necklace. I think that peplum dresses look really well on smaller bodies as they add volume and structure, underlining the waist. However, I'd recommend that you should be careful while choosing peplum items because they can make or break an outfit.
The second item are the shoes. There is a funny story behind this purchase of mine. Originally the price was 70 Euros, but when the sales girl asked for my ID for paying with a credit card, she made a mistake and accidentally made me a 50 Euros discount. Nice, huh? Finally, my golden H&M necklace was a perfect match for the small edges on the heels.
Thank you very much for the attention. I'd be happy to read your opinion in the comment section below. Have a great rest of the week.
Peplum Dress: Zara (Old Collection)
Animal Print Heels: Zara (Old Collection)
Necklace: H&M

8 коментара :

  1. Outstanding outfit. I love you style and how you collect the innocent with the edgy sexy feature. Keep on making your followers happy with you blog posts! I wish you sunny and happy summer days.

  2. Love everything you are wearing! That dress is gorgeous! :)

  3. That necklace is so cute! You really suit peplum-style clothing as well - that colour looks amazing on you :-)


  4. Wow! I love that necklace and the dress is very pretty on you!


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