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To be honest, since I am not used to the heat I find it very hard to pick something decent to wear, without suffocating. Here is a picture of one of my outfits, which I wore on a visit to my grandmother in my village. I chose my new sleeveless shirt which I like so much because it is a lighter replacement of the classic white shirt. However, I had to wear it with a nude top underneath, since it is a little too loose for me (the idea of the shirt is to cover your bra with the pockets). The accent in the whole combination are my red ballerinas and red bag. I love wearing red, it is brave and always catches the attention, and I think it's not a colour for everybody.
Let me know what you think about this outfit, I'd love to read it in the comment section below.
Честно казано, понеже не съм свикнала с лятната жега в Холандия, ми е много трудно да си избирам нормални дрехи, които да нося без да се задушавам. Това е един от тоалетите ми, които носих, когато бях да видя баба си в моето село. Избрах да нося новата си риза без ръкави, която много харесвам, защото е по-тънък заместител на класическата бяла риза. Все пак се наложи да е нося с бежов топ отдолу, понеже ризката е прекалено свободна за мен _ идеята на ризата е да прикрива сутиенът с джобчетата си). Акцентът на цялата комбинация са червените пантофки и чанта. Обожавам да нося червено, защото е много смел цвят, който винаги успява да привлече вниманието, а и мисля, че не е за всеки.
Ще се радвам да прочета какво мислите за тоалета ми в коментарите.

1 коментара :

  1. I like the idea but to be honest I don't like very much the result on the hips area.
    I would chose even to put the lower side of the blouse - inside the short-trousers OR
    a longer trousers (like 3/4 long), OR
    a skirt, appropriate for summer (from colour point of view and type).
    Or to let the blouse open, in order to let visible the body-ratio (which create an appealing effect for the eye) and also to give some kind of "casual" effect. (But I suppose this "open blouse" - wouldn't been an option for you, in this case, because of what you have underneath)

    I would also recommend a watch (or something) putted on the left hand. Otherwise, right hand would be very busy (with the bag) and the left hand would be without any colour point to equilibrate the "load" proportion between Right side and Left side.
    For example, a watch with some kind of red-brown belt, would have been great. Or a white bracelet.

    The nails, I suppose are not really part of the presented "outfit". I'm sure that if you'd have the possibility you'd chose other colour, to match with the rest.

    PS: Personally, I'm not a big fan of , in general. Though, depends on the context. But the colour of your ballerinas is very suitable with the bag and earrings. Good choice (Though, personally I'm perceiving your earrings rather "classy" and "sophisticated"for ballerinas, in general. But, as I said, they are good matching from colour point of view)


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