New In: Leopard Heels

Did it ever happen to you to spot a pair of shoes and want them so badly that you think of them with days before you buy them? Well, this was my case for this particular pair. I saw them and thought that they are so special, a true shoe masterpiece. With the leopard print in the front and the small edges at the back they are the perfect catchy pair of shoes that will gather all the looks and attention with no effort. What's even better is that now I'll have to buy a matching bag to wear them with.

However, I wanted them for a very long time but never made up my mind to buy them and when the other day I went to Zara looking for another pair of shoes these beauties were there, in my size! (belive me, it is a miracle to find shoes in number 36)

Apart from wearing them with dresses, skinny jeans and shorts, I think they will look amazing with a pair of baggy pants, that will keep cool during the summer. That's a new thing for me because I like skinny and tight-fitting clothes.

What do you think for my shoes? I'd be happy to see your opinion.
Thank you very much for reading, wish you all a great rest of the week! :)

7 коментара :

  1. These are fun and edgy! I would love to see an outfit built around these! :)


  2. i like your blog
    do you want to follow each other?

  3. they're gorgeous, such a good buy! and it happens to me all the time, if only i had the finances to cover the number of things i fall in love with =P


  4. Gorgeous heels!! :)

  5. Studs and leopard!! Can't go wrong, they're beautiful!



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