Beuty Tips From Your Grandmother

Markets today are full of different products that promise eternal youth and beauty. Did you know that there are many secrets that are kept like treasures with generations for how to look good and healthy without spending a fortune on expensive cosmetics or make-up products. Women years ago did not have to luxury to choose from thousands of creams and lotions. They knew that when it comes to health and natural beauty nature's products are a human's best friend.
Here are some well-known homemade remedies which will make you shine in no time for almost no money.
For Cellulite
For women that complain from cellulite the wise grandmothers have found out that 1/2 cup of grounded coffee warmed together with 2 tea spoons of olive oil can solve all problems for 20 minutes per day. The trick here is to put a plastic wrap over the problematic spots once you apply the mixture. The wait patiently without moving too much and Voila! This is a fast and cheap way to heal your skin without going through expensive and painful procedures.
Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles
Puffy eyes or dark circles are a common issue for working women that are under stress and do not get enough sleep. Problematic skin around the eyes can also be a sign of a decease so quick actions are recommendable. Again our predecessors have found a remedy only using herbs and products from their own gardens. A single egg can remove the puffiness under your eyes and make your skin look fresh and rested again. For the betrayers of tiredness, the dark circles, a couple of fresh mint leaves picked up from the garden can do miracles.I have my own experience with the egg recipe. At first I thought that you should just break it over your problematic skin but it turned out that I could not be more wrong. Not only that it was not pleasant, but it also made my whole room smell like an omlette. So here is a big Nota Bene: use one of your make up brushes to apply the remedy.
White and Bright Smile
Nowadays, people pay a lot to have a celebrity-like perfect smile. In fact, there is a less expensive version of whitening your teeth at home. It consist in mixing one strawberry with 1/2 tea spoon baking soda. The mixture is applied for 5 minutes with your finger and then the result is evident. Again a replacer of expensive and painful procedures at the dentist's office where no one likes going.I have tried out this recipe and it really does work. However, too much whitening can cause the health of your teeth as it destroys their enamel, so I recommend you to do it only one time per week.
Acne and Scars
The last recipe is a remedy for acne and scars. Many young people suffer from this skin decease and even when it is healed it can leave visible scars. The cure for this problem consists in mixing 1/3 cup of hot white tea with 1/3 cup of apple cider vinegar. It is removed 30 minutes after applying and clears out the pores and restores the PH balance of the skin. As I also had problematic skin I decided to try this out. Note: Wait until the mixture is not so warm. Otherwise it will not only restore your PH balance but also burn it out.
So remember what our grannies thoughus because they know the best!

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