The Language of Colours

As the winter months are slowly going away and the spring is approaching, everybody is preparing for a grasp of new life. After the monotonous black, white and grey combinations, the fashion designers a preparing a spectrum of bright and bold hues to take over the runways and explode in the otherwise moody everyday routine. All the clothes in the new collections will be masterpieces shining in a mix of navy blue, icy grey and jeweled purple. The fashionistas will be holding their breathes in front of the view of outfits that perfectly reflect the hues of a rainbow. Here are the colours that will rule the catwalks and the beauty magazines.

Not- So -Mellow-Yellow
Yellow has been known as the colour of joy and happiness. What better than thinking of rays of sunlight, tiny lemon drops or yellow flowers while wearing your outfit? After all the cold days this shade will instantly warm your senses and will make you smile. Although, yellow may seem too bold, its brightness can easily be reduced with some basic colours like nude or white.

Purple Rain
After its pastel version in lavender, kingly purple hues have returned to Spring's stage. Always adding a hint of feminity and mystery, this colour can elevate your simple outfit to a chic status within seconds. Wearing royal purple is no longer a luxury so do not be scared to afford yourself the pleasure of wearing it.

Cobalt Blue
After the purple reign there comes the royal version of blue. Although it is considered a cold hue women wearing it will not necessarily look like icy queens. According to the designer Cushnie et Ochs wearing cobalt blue is all about projecting a bold attitude and self-confidence.

Hot Red
The red colour has always been considered as a symbol of passion, love and braveness. After all the cold and rainy days it is time to set fire into our everyday routine with something catchy in red. History has confirmed it many times: women that wear red are never wrong.

Blacker than the Night
It is no secret that black will always be fashionable. No matter how much we wear it we never get tired of it. But this spring it is going to be worn in a very different way. You thought that wearing all-black uniform is too boring? This season the catwalks will be taken over by this mysterious and yet so beloved colour. So, do not put away your little black dress because black still has a lot to offer.

Thank you very much for reading, wish you all a great week! :)

3 коментара :

  1. I always love a great black dress...but those blues and purples are SO gorgeous!!! I love this post :)


  2. some of those dresses look amazing!!

  3. The top two black outfits are stunning they are so me ahhaa. Need to introduce colour into my wardrobe hahaa oops.



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