How To Maintain Skinny Jeans?

Have you ever thought that you've found your perfect pair of jeans and, suddenly, after the fifth wash they just lose their shape and colour and instead of skinny jeans they start being baggy jeans? Well, this happens to me a lot recently, so I decided to make a research on the Internet about how to maintain your jeans.
Ususally, I am purchasing my clothes from brands like Zara, Mango, Bershka, Stradivarius, Tally Weijl but what I am noticing recently is that the quality of the pieces is getting lower and lower. The truth is that a good style is always related to good quality so what do we do now? It is better to invest in a pair of jeans that will last for years, than buy a pair from the sale which will be completely destroyed after 10 washes.
However, there are still a couple of things we an do to maintain our beauties better:
• Hot water and jeans is not a good combination, so avoid washing yours with very high temperatures. If wash your jeans with too hot water they might shrink and fade.
• It is always better to follow the instructions given on your jean tags, since some models require special care in order to prevent stretching, fading and shrinking.
• Dark (and especially black ) jeans tend to lose their colour faster, so here are some hints how to save it. You can add some regular table salt (about ¼ cup) the first few washes. Another option is to add some vinegar. These two things will reduce the loss of colour. I've tried the one with vinegar and it does help. However, you should wash your jeans very carefully after that to avoid unpleasant smell.

These jeans I got from Mango and they used to be at least 3 shades darker. However, too much washing just ruined the great colour.

• The best way to dry your jeans is air-dry. To be honest, I have used dryer and I find it horrible for my clothes- the white ones just don't look white anymore and the jeans start smelling bad. However, if you can't wait for your jeans to be air-dried put them in lowest setting in the dryer because high heat causes fibers to shrink and makes jeans more prone to stretching and losing their original shape.
• Avoid wearing your jeans when they are still wet or damp. I used to have this bad habit but it really helps the jeans to stretch faster and that's not something I want. Jeans tend to stay stretched out if they are allowed to dry while being worn, since normal movement contributes to stretching.
• Finally, if you really want jeans of good quality invest some money in a more expensive model. I would be very happy to hear your suggestions for good shops since I am searching good jeans for myself.

I hope you found these advices useful. Thank you very much for the attention, if you have some tricks for keeping your jeans in a good shape, please share them. Wish you all a great weekend :)

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  1. Thanks for the helpful tips! I never thought there was so much precautions to washing jeans, but then again, that's probably why mine always end up looking.. worn. :)

    xx PH


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