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As every girl I really like wearing jewelries.They are just such an easy way to turn a simple outfit into something special that has a little bit of you in it. When I go into a jewelry shop I can spent hours going around these pretty shining things, trying on and making decisions what to buy.
However, today I am writing for something special- a site called Style Outside The Box. What makes it different than a normal online shop is that it offers unique pieces made by independent designers who put their talent and imagination into those small beauties. As a person who loves fashion I couldn't help to browse the site and show you my most favourite 5 pieces. What is good for buying an unique piece of jewerly? Just as women hate to see someone with the same dress the feelng of seeing someone wearing the same accessories is the awful. So why not afford yourself the pleasure to be special?
And here are my suggestions.

My first choice is this beautiful necklace. I love the pasel tones of the small rocks and the way they are combined. The whole color pallete reminds me of spring.

My next choice is again a necklace. Although is simpler than the previous one I couldn't help to include it in my top list. There is something special about wearing the sign of infinity. And those small symbols that are drawn on it add even more personality to this jewel.

The next piece on my list is this pretty bracelet. I am a fan of the colour blue and these three shades put at one place are perfect. As you know I prefer simpler things that add personality to your clothes. This bracelet with the colour of the sea is definitely my favourite.

Although I have small fingers I've always liked big rings. These two masterpieces here are something that caught my eye in the moment when I saw them. I imagine how are they going to look on my hands.

The combination of black and white always reminds me of Ying and Yang. And the sign of harmony put into a golden frame is definitely something that should beautify your hands.

These are just 5 of the many great pieces on Style Outside The Box. I recommend you to visit the site and see them all. Thank you very much for reading I hope you liked my choices.

10 коментара :

  1. Wow, I absolutely love the pieces, they are so original and beautiful. Grat post.


  2. Hello,
    Nice blog.
    Nice rings.
    Do you wanna follow each other?


  3. Love the top necklace and the last ring the best. Now following you!


    Nothing but a Pigeon

  4. Like all the pieces but my favorites are the two springs rings...Love it.......


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