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Ever since I was a little girl I loved playing with my mother's make-up all day, stealing her lipsticks and eye shadows and making myself look like a little monkey. However, I really started wearing make-up at highschool, mainly foundation because I had problematic skin. After that came the mascara, eye liner, blusher and etc. I've never liked wearing too much make-up though because I believe that it is only for underlining your beauty not for changing your face.
Nowadays, I am constantly searching for good brands and products to use and today I will show you some of the things I have. As I mentioned before my skin used to be problematic so I have quite an experience with different foundations. I've used Essence, Seventeen, Revlon, Manhattan, MaxFactor, Maybelline, Bourjois and MAC. Most of them have been really good,I recommend you to try the ones from Bourjois and Revlon, but there is nothing that can be compared with Studio Sculpt from MAC. (I have a special post for this foundation click here to see it)
The next product I love is eye concealer. I didn't use it before but right before my highschool prom, when I went to buy foundation the shop assistant recommended me the one from Radiant (unfortunately, I couldn't find a picure of it). It isn't very expensive but yet it does miracles when you didn't get enough sleep and you have puffy eyes or dark circles.
Next product on the list is my powder. I don't always use it only when my skin look oily. I use the one from Sephora which I bought in an amazing sale 3 products for 10 Euro.
Let's talk about mascara. I love underlining my eyes (my most favourite part of my face). Again I have tried many different brands and the best according to my experience are from MaxFactor. I have this one:

I like it because it underlines the lashes in a very natural way without making your eyes all black and it is longlasting- you can wear it all day without a problem.
However I have tried ones from Maybelline and currently have this one:

I got it from a sale but I can't really say that it is the best product ever. The brush isn't that good and I often end up applying much more product than needed.

Next comes my eye liner. I have mentioned before in my previous post that I love cat eyes (you can see one of my make-up looks here ).
Currently I use both the classic black liner but also one from Sephora which is dark purple.

The difference is that the purple one underlines in a milder way and since my eyes are green the combination is really nice. I got this eye liner also from the sale 3 products for 10 Euro.
For my eyes I also use one pencil from L'Oreal which I really like- the one for quick smokey eyes.
I have the grey version because when I was buying the pencil the light wasn't good and I didn't see that it wasn't black. However, I really like it because it is longlasting and the little sponge makes it easier to apply.

Let's talk about eye shadow. Honestly, I don't like wearing a lot of eye shadow but have one favourite from Sephora that I always apply like a base on my eyes.

It is sprakly and still neautral- the perfect shade.

Finally, my newest purchase- The lipstick. Before I wasn't brave enough to wear lipstick but ever since I live in Holland I've been trying new things, and now I wear it every day. My lips are very dry and I always put some good old vaseline to make them softer.
The other day I went to MAC and bought a wonderful lipstick which I can't get enough of. I must say the products from this brand are worth every single cent.
My lipstick is Crosswires- a little bit pinkish with hints of red, or as I call it my everyday red- simply perfect.

I have many other products but these are the one that I use the most.
Here are my pictures of what I have:

Hope you liked my post, I'll be happy to find out which are your favourite products. Thank you all for the attention, have a great rest of the week. :)

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  1. I have to agree, I love my concealer and mascara! My favorite concealer is the Shiseido Natural Finish Cream Concealer, it has good coverage and isn't heavy at all! As for mascara, I love my Benefit They're Real Mascara! It lengthens, volumizes, and holds curls very well, I would definitely recommend it :)

    xx PH


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