Mallzee- A new experience in online shopping

There's nothing better than being lazy on Sundays. Just getting out of the bed and curling with a cup of hot coffee in front of the computer- a lazy person's paradise.
However, today I'm talking to you guys for something special- online shopping.
To be honest, for me it is usually a boring experience, just browsing through pages, picking pieces that you're never sure whether they'll fit you or you'll like them once you really see them and then clicking "click to add to shopping bag". But before a couple of days I was introduced to something new and very interesting- a new online shopping site that turns shopping into exciting experience.
In Mallzee you can create your own personalized shopping mall and pick your favourite stores and items. What comes next is that the site finds products that match your style and showcases them in your Mallzee.
What makes this site special? The feauture that impressed me the most is the opportunity for you to create polls and let your friends help you with solving the dilemma to buy or to forget something. How cool is this? Moreover, you can browse through your friends' wardrobes and find new stuff.
Another thing that really caught my eye is that you as a "owner" can earn money every time someone buys something from your Mallzee and you aren't an exception. This means that you earn money while shopping online- something that can hardly be found somewhere else.
Until now there are over 200 brands signed up for Mallzee so imagine the variety of products you'll be choosing from- absolutely amazing.
And there is more. You can sign up for an exclusive prelaunch invite at and also read some additional information there. What's more there is a competiton for winning £100 which you can spend on improving your wardrobe with great new pieces. A true shopaholic paradise!
Thank you very much for reading. I hope you liked this new concept , I ,personally, find it very exciting. I wish you all a great Sunday :)

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