5 things: Fancy clutches under 50

The previous week I showed you five ideas for shoes with price under 50 euros. This week I decided to show you my five picks for clutches. I am thinking about doing an article like this every week with five new suggestions. Let me know if you like the idea.

So my first pick is a clutch from Mango (22.99). I like it mainly because of the metal detail, it gives the clutch a more edgy look. I think it would look great combined with a lace dress, for example, because there will be a contrast between the sofr piece and the edgy bag.

My next suggestion is again from Mango (22.99) and it's my most favourite from all. What caught my eye for this model are the fringes. It is such a statement peace that it can make an outfit special just worn by itself without many other accessories.

The third pick is from Bershka (25.99). I like this model because it looks as if it has layers. I think it will look well combined with pretty much everything.

My fourth suggestion is from Stradivarius (19.95). I chose it because of the combination of orange and yellow. During the moody winter days a pop of colour in your outfit can elevate your mood.

And my last pick is from H&M (12.99).It is simple and I have a passion for simple things. In my opinion, the art of looking stylish is to make miracles with simple elements that when are put together look great.

Thank you very much for reading. I hope you liked my suggestions. Have a great rest of the week :)

2 коментара :

  1. i love that last clutch and agree with your statement completely about simplicity!

    -K from loveyouduh.com


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