Winter Ideas

As the winter is coming I'm starting to think about new things I want to buy. Christmas is also after only a month so maybe it's time to give my family and friends a clue about what I want for a present (evil laugh)
Here are some of my ideas. I am absolutely in love with this coat/blazer. No, seriously, it's just perfect. The cut is perfect and I really like the way the sleeves are black and the other part is grey. Then comes the sweater- a perfect big peace in a perfect red colour, just makes you want to cuddle in it during cold days. And now the jeans. I've been searching for the perfect pair of black jeans since months but I haven't been fortunate enough to find one. Recently, I bought a pair from Zara, but honestly I am not happy with them. It's just that I like only very skinny jeans, since I am very thin and I just feel that the other models are like huge bags on my body. The next item are these gorgeous gloves. I actually tried on a similar pair to these but they were too big for my tiny hands (small person's problems). And, finally, the boots. As you may know before I came to The Netherlands I used to go riding and that's the reason I am so in love with riding-like clothes. To be honest with you I am lazy to walk in high heels every day, especially when I get up early and I know it's so cold outside. This is why I'm looking for a good pair of riding boots to add to my wardrobe, they will just look so nice with anything. What are your ideas for the winter? I would love to know. Thank you very much for reading.

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