The Girl With The Red Hat

November is my favourite month. Not only because I have birthday then, but also because the nature is amazing, the weather is cold enough, and the holidays are close. This year for the first time I celerated my birthday away from home and it actually felt a little bit strange. However, I received many great wishes and messages from friends and family (thank you once again). The present I received from my friend is actually the central piece for this post- a red hat. I think that red is a perfect colour for autumn and this one is simply amazing because is such an accent that you don't need anything else for your outfit to shine, it just catches the eye. Another thing that I really like about my whole appearance in these pictures is the red lipstick. When I lived in Bulgaria I never had the courage to wear it when I go out because in my home country people tend to judge you very much by your appearance. But ever since I'm here I am really opened to new ideas and experiments- what greater than this? Another thing you will see are my Zara boots. I love them because they are beautiful (although. they are't the most comfortable)and the golden zippers on them add glamour. Then comes the sweater. I love white sweaters! I don't know why I just have a crush on them. And I have this particular model in 3 different colours. It is perfect for the Dutch weather because it keeps me warm and cozy. And here I introduce my favourite statement necklace. Actually, I don't like having anything on my neck, but this beauty is an exception. Altough I have seen many girls with it (two only in my class)I just can't seem to stop wearing it. Finally, my most beloved jeans. Actually, I think these are the best jeans I ever had- great colour, skinny and with the perfect length (for a short person like me it's hard to find jeans with perfect length) Here are the pictures:
Thank you for reading!Hope you liked my outfit, let me know what you think. Have a great day! :) Hat: H&M Sweater: H&M Jeans:Zara Heels: Zara Necklace: H&M

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  1. the outfit is amazing but what I love the most is way you write... keep up the good work with the blog, you never know! :)
    Ps: you should become a model!

  2. Cute necklace!! Love how you paired it with a cable knit sweater! XO


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