The whole last week I've been busy searching new items for my winter wardrobe and thinking about combinations. And tomorrow I have a free day at university so it's time for a little shopping. Here are some of ideas:
I saw a similar combination on Miranda Kerr. Honestly, she is such an inspiration for me not only because se is very good-looking but also there is something about the energy she radiates.A mother, a model, a writer and still beautidul- that's an ideal for successful woman. However, I've been searching for leather shorts for quite a long time and I finally found a model in Zara, maybe I should check it out. And as you've might noticed I'm obsessed with finding a perfect winter coat and I've been constantly falling in love with models I see on the Internet. And the boots- they are so cool. Fortnately, there are some cheaper version that look almost the same in Mango and Zara I think so wish me good luck tomorrow. Thank you very much for reading, have a nice rest of the week. :)

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