Hello everyone! I haven't posted a thing the previous week because I didn't have any time to (and I didn't have pictures, so..) But I'll try to make up for this soon. So, today it was a very beautiful day. Me and my friend decided to visit a festival in Rotterdam and it was such a great experience. I must tell you that the weather here is really hot, it's even hard to wear jeans, which is kind of strange for , because i expected to see some heavy rain here. However, the festival was great.There were so many people everywhere. There was also a small concert, where everyone got on the stage singing- amazing. There were small ships and boats(even helicopters) everywhere. But the most interesting part was when we got on a boat which was actually a museum. Here are some pictures from today:
Wish you all a great week! : ) Jeans: Zara Top:Zara

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  1. I like Zara more and more,seeing it on you.Nice t hear you are having a lot of fun...Expect more new combinations of outfits!

  2. Обожавам третата снимка! :D Keep posting, darling. I love you!

  3. Nice blog!! would you mind following each other via bloglovin? :)

    Malin @


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