As I mentioned in my previous post after a week I'm going to the Netherlands, so right now there are many things happening. I'm really trying to buy the most essential stuff, especially warmer clothes because the climate there is different from the one I'm used to. Today I went shopping so I'm anxious to share with you guys some of the things I chose. Firstly, I'll show you my favourite purchased-THE black blazer. Actually I saw it thanks to my mom- she was looking more than me. I love the cut, the pretty little golden buttons who turn a simple blazer into a sophisticated piece. I'm usually kind of afraid of more elegant clothes because I think I'd look funny, but this thing here... let's say it changed my mind.
Of course I got it from Zara's. As you might've noticed that most of my clothes are from there. Actually if they choose me for their promoter I'd be perfect because very often I end up wearing an outfit made only with clothes from there. The second most beloved item are THE boots. I've been craving for them ever since I saw them in another fashion blog- simply amazing. Because of the thick heel they're really comfortable and yet elegant. Again I was nervous because of the pointy heel but it is impossible for one not to get used to these beauties. However, the golden zippers would match perfectly the blazer's golden buttons. Yay!
The third piece are the other cute booties. Their heel is lower and the nude colour makes them perfect for everyday. They will also make my legs look longer because I'm short and I really need that. Great for combining with slim jeans or dresses.
The next one is a really pretty knited blouse.
The back is beautiful and I love the sequins which add glitter to otherwise a simple blouse. I actually think that I can both wear the opened part on the back and on the front which makes my purchase even more versatile. Last but not least- the other blouse. I'm really into such deep, dark colours. This particular reminds me of a forest. The cut is also very interesting and I think I'd make many pretty combinations.
Thank you so much for reading! Hope you like what I chose, let me know what you think :) Wish me good luck and I hope you'll have a great rest of the weekend.

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